Icarus References In Popular Culture

The story of Icarus is referenced in numerous artistic outlets, both modern and antique. Icarus inspired poets, musicians, and philosophers, including Ovid, Virgil, Horace, but later on, also many musicians and writers.


Faith No More – Just A Man
Queen – The Freddie Mercury Tribute Song, No-One But You
Thrice – Melting Point of Wax, and album The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV
Joni Mitchell – Amelia
Emperor – An Elegy of Icaros
Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Icarus’ Dream Suite Op. 4, Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra, Icarus Dream Fanfarre
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus
Unheailig – Ikarus
Kansas – Icarus Borne of Wings of Steel


Warhawk for Playstation I – War Hawk’s mother ship is called Icarus.
Kid Icarus for Nintendo – Pit, the young angel, still a thriving character that can be found in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind RPG – A set of scrolls that can be collected from the dead Bosmer, who died by a fall from the sky, scrolls are called “Icarian Flight”; allows ability to jump high, though not safely land.
Deus Ex – Icarus and Daedalus are AI created by Majestic-12, who merge later to become the AI Helios.
Mega Man X8/ Rockman X8 – Icarus Armor, an upgrade armor built for X by Dr. Light.
God of War 2 – Daedalus is a secondary character who Kratos comes across in the game. Daedalus is portrayed as an utter lunatic, and is trying to get to see the sisters of fate. The two fight, and Kratos tears off Daedalus’ wings, and uses them to fly. Daedalus falls down into the Underworld, –but on the game site, eventually Daedalus escaped Hades and went to change his sad past.    .
Toejam and Earl for Sega Genesis – One of the character upgrades you get are Icarus wings; they let you fly around the level for a little while.

Literature & Comics:

Air Gear, manga – Sora Takeuchi is compared to Icarus.
The World’s Wife, by Carol Ann  Duffy – In poem titled “Icarus’s Wife”, she relates the tragedy from the perspective of Icarus’s wife. Resembles Peter Breughal’s portrayal of the myth, as though the scene were unfolding from someone watching nearby, or on a hill.
The Underland Chronicles, by Suzanne Collins – In the third book, Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, Icarus is the name of a bat that dies right after its seen in the series.
X-Men comic – Joshua Guthrie’s, or Jay’s codename is Icarus in the series; he has wings, rapid healing, and the ability to mimic sound.
* In the Axis and Wayfarer Redemption trilogies by Australian fantasy author Sara Douglass, one of the three races of Tencendor are the Icarii, in reference to Icarus. They are often referred to as the People of the Wing, and are Winged Men.
* In the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, Edward Elric compares himself and his brother, Alphonse Elric, to Icarus. They believe that they committed a sin by acting as God when they tried to resurrect their mother, Trisha Elric.

Theatre & Film:

Babylon 5 – Icarus was the name of a human ship that encountered the Shadows on  Z’Ha’Dum, with the wife of Captain Sheridan still aboard. The ship was later destroyed by the Shadows; ironic, considering Icarus of Greek myth was destroyed by the sun.
James Bond movie, Die Another Day – The light reflecting satellite in the film, referred to as a second sun, is named Icarus.
Planet of the Apes – The name of the space ship that takes all the main characters; Heston, Franciscus, etc., to the future Earth, is named Icarus.
Sunshine – Sci-fi film from 2007, in which the fate of humanity will be decided by a crew whose mission is to drop a bomb on the sun in hopes that it will reactivate the dead star; the name of the vessel is Icarus.
Cirque du Soleil – Part of the Cirque is a show titled, Varekai, in which there is a continuation of Icarus’s story. The show relates to Icarus’s adventures after he washed ashore on a deserted island.

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